Don’t let injuries stop you!


It has always been easier for me to stay fit or improve my fitness status when I was feeling good. A considerable challenge came when I sustained a significant knee injury that required surgery and a 12-month recovery diagnosis. May of 2018, my right patella tendon sheered off (see story below in a previous blog post), but I did not let that stop me from trying to stay strong and healthy thanks to a fitness device I designed two years earlier called the Stress Away Strap. I have used TRX suspension straps at the gym with my personal training clients for their stability and functional strength routines, but when I saw the price tag of $179.99 – $234, I experienced sticker shock. Not only was it expensive but it was bulky and required a lot more space in an average house than was typical. I set out to design a product that was easier to set up, portable, and could be used in any home, hotel, office, gym or at the park at a fraction of the cost. I created the Stress Away Strap. 

I saw vital value in a portable device that allowed individuals of all fitness and wellness levels to stay fit by using your body weight to increase functional stability, strength, and flexibility safely and effectively.

During my post-rehab and recovery from knee surgery, I shot the attached video of the possible uses of the Stress Away Strap, even though I was hobbling on one leg. I genuinely feel that everyone needs a Stress Away Strap in their house. Check out the video. 

>>Special<< If you purchase a Stress Away Strap, I will give you a FREE 30 minute virtual tutorial of the product.  

Your health is an investment, not an expense, all though it will become an expense if you don’t take time to invest in it. BE Well!



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