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Why you need your own Stress Away Strap. The SAS helps you feel looser, stronger, more agile by relieving stiff & achy muscles quickly with little effort. Just place the door anchor into any standard door at home, office or while traveling and use you own body weight to TRACTION desired muscles. Revive your whole body in minutes. Shoulder Relief Video, Back Relief Video.

What IS the Stress Away Strap? – The SAS is a 1 pound, portable strength and flexibility devise that can help any individual improve their strength, mobility and flexibility safely and enjoyably.  SAS Posture Improvement video, 19 Minute Lower Body Workout w/ the Stress Away Strap,  15 minute SAS workout video

SAS anywhere attachment Anywhere attachment – $2.00

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Stress Away Strap

1″ x 19″ nylon strap & carabiner

How does it work? 

Most of the 60 stretches and strength exercise are performed by anchoring the SAS into any standard door. Indoor anchoring / Outdoor anchoring. A handful of stretches can be performed without anchoring the device.

Who created the Stress Away Strap?  The SAS was developed by a Bill Pavelec, a Thai Massage body worker and certified personal trainer with over 30 years experience. He owned three wellness facilities in Chicago, Ill. He collaborated with a Yoga instructor, Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist in identifying which stretches and exercise would safely improve function, strength and mobility for its users.

Why was the Stress Away Strap created? Bill believes that a consistent regime of stretching through out ones life time greatly increase the over all health and function of the body. As a Thai Yoga practitioner he saw first hand a difference in the quality health between individuals who regularly performed a stretching routine and those that did not. Those in the later had more back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain and less mobility. Once he as able to help his clients reduce and eliminate those pains that reduced their mobility, along with regular stretching, their over all health status greatly improved as they aged. They challenge was most of his clients either had difficulty with getting on the floor to perform their stretching routines or just didn’t like getting on the floor.  The Stress Away Strap allowed his clients of all ages and abilities to safely perform essential stretching while still standing up. The regular use of the SAS assisted in the improvement of his clients overall wellness.

How strong is the Stress Away Strap ? The Stress Away Strap was put under an independent strength test and held 1,875 lbs. before it broke.

Is my door a safe place to put my Stress Away Strap ? YES! Any STANDARD door is more then strong enough to hold the small percentage of weight that will be placed on the door.  Standard door, wood or steel, gets its strength and stability for the door frame that the door sets in. The door frame is one of the strongest structures in a building. Make sure is closed. 

What type of door should I NOT anchor my Stress Away Strap into? The Stress Away Strap should NOT be anchor into a sliding doors or bi-fold doors.

Can I anchor my Stress Away Strap into my car door? Yes you can, Closer to the hinge of the door the better. Depending on the height of the door, Van, SUV verse Compact car, there may be some stretches that you may not be able to perform with the Stress Away Strap.

What users are say about the Stress Away Strap.

Yoga Instructors, SAS is a bridge that safely increase flexibility and confidence through stability, extension and breath. This deeper insight and practice with the SAS will carry over to their regular yoga practice.

Physical Therapists, SAS helps your clients to feel safe and build confidence through out their rehab.

Massage Therapists, SAS Lets your clients safely release hard to reach stiff and achy muscles between sessions. Client practices self wellness at home, office or traveling.

Personal Trainers, SAS helps you teach safe and proper strength training mechanics.

Stress Away Strap Stretches to improve Yoga Asanas:  Get yoga benefits without doing yoga.

balasana crouch_yoga_pose












Stress Away Strap set up:

Sets up in any standard door

Supports full body weight

Safely and Quickly improve Yoga Poses

Build Confidence

Receive yoga health benefits from all poses.

Breath awareness

Improves Stability – Strength

Improves Range of Motion

Lowers injury risk

Great for seniors who want to maintain and build leg strength.


Leg Strength Stress Away Strap Exercises / Squats  



Stress Away Strap Upper Body Stretches – Chest




Stress Away Strap Upper Body Stretches – Back


Stress Away Strap Upper Body Stretches – Shoulders / Neck


Stress Away Strap Upper Body Stretches – Hip / Hamstring / Thigh

ribs_abs_hippariformis_hips_glutes_lats_backhamstring_calveshit_it_band_calveboat_posehamstring_calvesScreen shot 2017-05-10 at 10.40.13 PM

Relieve stiff, tense achy muscles

Reduce Nerve Pain

Skeletal Realignment

Improve Joint & Muscle Mobility

Improve Posture

Strengthen Legs, Back, Shoulder Arms

Stress Away Strap Exercise & Stretching Videos 

Back Relief w/ Stress Away Strap

Shoulder Relief w/ Stress Away Strap

Perfect Posture w/ the Stress Away Strap

14 Minute Mini Workout w/ Stress Away Strap

19 Minute Lower Body Workout w/ the Stress Away Strap

Stress Away Strap

SAS anywhere attachmentAnywhere attachment – $2.00

1″ x 19″ nylon strap & carabiner

For bulk pricing email