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Bill Pavelec CPT – NASM
Thai Yoga Massage Body Worker
Behavior Modification Coach

I’ve been a certified, insured, professional personal trainer for 30 years, and I have a confession to make…..I dislike working out BUT I LOVE the results. There, I said it.

If I could take a pill that would ensure my good health, I would.
So, why have I chosen to be a professional personal trainer for 30 years? Well, I can’t dispute the numerous benefits exercise has on the overall well being of any individual, regardless of their age or ability. Over 30 years I have witnessed these wellness benefits and in some cases life-changing benefits. I have also personally benefited from regular, balanced and consistent exercise routines. People who know me say I look ten years younger than my age. I recover quickly from injuries, I have a lot of energy, and I rarely get sick. As much as I dislike exercising being unhealthy and disease is even less appealing. I believe regular and moderate exercise is an investment in any individuals future that has many physical, mental and emotional payoffs in the present. That belief along with my mission to educate and empower people is why I am  passionate, professional, personal trainer.

Maybe you and I will partner in your wellness journey and let’s have a sense of humor about fitness. 100% of all people who exercise……. die.

What types of personal training I don’t specialize.

  • Elite Athletes – NO
  • Power Lifters – NO
  • Bodybuilders – NO
  • Cross Fit Enthusiasts – NO
  • Marathon runners – NO
  • Triathletes – NO
  • Quick Weight Loss – NO

What types of personal training I do specialize.

Improvement in health status for people who desire a better quality of life regardless of age and physical abilities.

Improve strength, flexibility, cardio conditioning and functionality so you can fully enjoy your life pursuits.

Pre-rehab or surgery – For those who desire to improve their health status before rehab or surgery. ( I will collaborate with your doctor )

Post-rehab – For those that want to improve on the gains and progress they have made during their rehab. ( I will collaborate with your Physical Therapist)

General Fitness Maintenance – For those who wish to maintain and make adjustments to their health status as life and aging realities change.


“Hi Bill,
I wanted to thank you for your attention to my neck problem. You had some excellent ideas for me to try, among them getting a neck pillow. On our drive up here to Maine it was invaluable and when I still have pain I’ve been using a warm, wet towel around my neck. So much to learn as we age, even though we think we’ve done an OK job taking care of ourselves before this. I really appreciate your knowledge and common sense that you pass on to us.” – Mary N.

I want to thank you for helping me prepare for my hip surgery. As a result of the exercises that you had me doing…strengthening my core…I made a very quick recovery. And was able to take care of myself completely (except for reaching my toes to put a sock on) when I returned home three days post surgery. You made a recovery so much easier…and I now continue to do the exercises you gave me. Thank you! Thank you!!”  – Pat W

“Dear Bill,
I had retired and was looking for classes that would get me exercising on a regular basis. I was also looking for more social contact and felt a class would work better than individual work at a gym.
I am stronger, more limber, in better overall physical shape due to your instruction. I also have more energy after each class.
I am more motivated to keep working at getting and staying fit.
I am more motivated to exercise between classes specific warm-ups that I do daily. I am now enjoying hiking, gardening, swimming (in summer), and sailing (infrequent).
Thank you so much, Bill” – Ruth W.

“I’ve been exercising with Bill for several years. He is reliable, energetic, prudent and knowledgeable. I recommend a Thai yoga massage if you haven’t tried one. I have had a few courses of private treatment, for aching feet and back, and am doing much better.
I take a regular class, lead by Bill for people over fifty, once or twice a week. It is fun and keeps me flexible and able to keep moving well.”  – Barbara R.”

Bill has been our personal trainer for about 5 years. He was recommended to us by a friend who has used him for years. I needed help with my balance. My husband needed a trainer to lose weight- firm up and he has a heart problem. Bill designed a wellness program for the both of us that meet our immediate and future health needs.  Bill has taught us routines that I am confident we can perform for the rest of our lives.  – Gene S.

We see Bill twice a week for exercise and massage.
Bill is patient- when told where we have a pain he works on those areas and provides relief.
When my husband was feeling tingling in his legs and the bottom of his feet Bill suggested a rolling pin- showed him how to use and it was very helpful.
When I complain about my knee being sore Bill shows me exercises to relieve the pain and it works.
He is an excellent trainer and we highly recommend him.
He is a very nice person. – Estelle H & Jack S.  Retired

For 6 years I’ve worked with Bill for Thai yoga massage and personal training. It’s a big advantage to have a personal trainer who understands the body and can offer a massage when my body gets out of whack. I air a complaint and then and there, Bill is able to work on the problem area of my body. I so appreciate this, as I don’t have to wait to get an appointment with a bodywork professional.

I observed him working with others in the gym in our building and wanted to establish a relationship with a personal trainer to keep my body limber and strong. Six years older I think I look good and feel better. His early focus on strengthening my core muscle has given me a sense of well-being and better fitness. Bill is such a joy to work with–good conversationalist, empathetic and I don’t ever worry that he is going to push me beyond my current capacity. That’s a relief. I have never been injured during our workouts. -Janet R. – Traveler.

I depend upon my weekly Thai Massage sessions with Bill Pavelec from Happy Body Wellness. Bill became a critical part of my health plan a few years ago when another therapist no longer was available. From the beginning, Bill demonstrated not only the highest level of proficiency but also sensitivity to my specific health issues and needs, along with a general supportive outlook that I find invaluable. Because of Bill’s work, I am more flexible daily and am able to function at a higher level during serious, periodic episodes associated with a chronic illness. Although currently, I am not able to engage in much physical activity besides walking, I would not be able to do that or even to sit through plays or concerts comfortably, without this work. Thank you, Bill! – Judith L. C. – Attorney

I have been going to Bill’s exercise classes for over 5 years. I sought out a class that specializes in working with a mature population because over the years I had general body weakness due to surgeries, age poor balance, and frequent falls.
I am five years older but have gained greatly in flexibility, strength, self-confidence and I am getting around without the fear of falling. I utilize his Thai Massage and an occasional private personal training session to supplement the classes.
Bill exhibits a combination of expertise, compassion, and kindness. Each persona is treated as an individual in his classes. – Hyacinth Tayloe – Retired Senior – Volunteer

I’ve worked with Bill for over 26 years.
I began working out of my home and needed a Personal Trainer to come to my apartment and implement an exercise program for my husband and me. The outcome is I am a 74 years old, toned and healthy woman. I now have excellent balance and strength in my legs. My torso is erect with excellent posture. Bill comes into my apartment with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. His warm and positive attitude makes me happy. He makes me work hard, and his knowledge of how the body works is extraordinary – Gerri S. – Retired

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