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My blessings – Peg, Lily, Will and Buddy

I have a 30 year career as a wellness educator. It’s always been my mission to guide, empower and support individuals who desire to improve the quality of their life regardless of their age or physical abilities. I do this as a:

Certified Personal Trainer

Exercise Class Instructor

Thai Yoga Body Worker

Life Coach

American Red Cross Instructor

Mankind Project Mentor

Memberships in:

– IDEA Health and Fitness Association

– American Fitness Senior Association

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

My philosophy on the pursuit of fitness and ageing well:  Exercise consistently, in moderation, with the desire to keep learning how your body works throughout your lifetime. Have reasonable goals that you can maintain for the duration of your life. Be mindful of how much your vanity or ego motivates your efforts. Have a life mission that benefits others. Look forward to moments when you can paying forward the benefits of your fitness and health by helping other in their time of need because there will come times, through out your life, when your health will fail you and you will be dependent on others to be in good health for assistance.  ” It’s better to be a live rabbit than a dead tiger”.

My recipe for fitness consistency and greatly increasing your odds of achieving and maintaining optimal fitness and wellness:

  • Enjoyability
    • Pick exercises, classes, a club or exercise environment and physical activities you enjoy.
  • Affordability
    • Be it your club membership, a personal trainer, exercise classes, the cost should be affordable and fit in your budget.
  • Accountability
    • Record your goals and progress in a journal. Regularly showing up to a group exercise class, or your personal training session or exercising with a friend.
  • Accessibility 
    • Where ever you choose to exercise or stretch on a regular basis it should be easy to access with little effort. A health club that is difficult to access or if your home exercise space is cluttered you are less likely to use them.

“Stick to it” Success Meter:  Review the above ingredients and rate your odds of achieving the results you desire.  If you score is Fair or Poor review what changes you can make to increase your odds of success. 

4 out of  4 – Excellent

3 out of 4 – Good

out of 4 – Fair

1 out of 4 – Poor

Take the next step toward experiencing a different outcome send me an email.