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Days: Tuesdays & Fridays / Times: 9 – 9:30 am  / YOU Need: A Pillow, A Broom stick OR Light weight poll, A belt, rope or Stress Away StrapA sense of humor ; – )

>>Review Class Introduction Video<<

Guidelines: (1) Follow at your own pace and comfort.  (2) Questions? I will set aside 30 minute after the class to answer any question via email, phone call or Zoom.

Use the easy Zoom app. Go to The app is very easy to download.  Just push the blue button on the upper right to Join for Free and then fill in the brief info. 

Low Volume, Sound Issues, Screen Freezing. This is a sign your local wifi connection may be poor. Often logging out and back in resolves the issue. *Be sure the volume on your device is on and turned up and MUTED.  *You may try moving closer to your router or using a direct line to connect to the internet rather than wireless wifi.  *You will have the best sound experience if you use external speakers, or a headset.

>>Click here ENTER the ZOOM Stretching CLASS<<5 minutes before the meeting.  Meeting ID # 835-5833-4542


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