P H U kit Workout


Work stressing you out ? – PHUkit

Got cut off driving to work ? – PHUkit

Politics pissing you off ? – PHUkit

Kids getting on your nerves? – PHUkit

What’ s got you simmering??

PHUkit is a 40 minute workout that lets you use your primal and powerful energies of frustration, stress or anger to:


your way to burning calories, tone, strengthen your body and go back into the world laughing and feeling good.

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Lead by me, Bill Pavelec, Certified Personal Trainer and Master Life Coach.

What is PHUkit?  PHUkit is a wellness class that incorporates principles of Bioenergetics. Participants access and release their primal energies of frustration, stress or  anger to fuel short bursts of explosive physical movements in a safe manner and space with the guidance of an instructor.

Why PHUkit?  Our nation has become a stressed and angry nation. We are inundated every day from the news, TV shows and movies. With digital devices everywhere even our children witness this raw, powerful and destructive emotion. I am not saying that anger is “bad” no more than a flood is “bad.” But understanding the nature and benefits of a flood we can learn how to manage and redirect its powerful force to our collective interests and the same can be said for understanding and managing anger. Proactive self-management is the key to overall well being.

Fear and anger have immense value to our well being. Since our society has judgments about expressions of anger, like it’s important to be nice,  we learn how to repress it from a very young age. When those powerful emotions are suppressed, they become toxic to the individual and eventually spills out in aggressive or passive-aggressive ways causing harm to self and others around us. Blocked or repressed anger clouds use from tapping into the our better parts of our selves or seeing or making healthy choices. This can result in repetitive negative behaviors and unwanted outcomes in one’s life. (Seinfeld “Serenity Now” clip)

What can you expect at a PHUkit class?  The PHUkit workout teachers guide participants to identify any stress, frustration or anger emotions one may have on the surface or lying below the surface. Let’s face it, we all have stress or anger. For some of us this is easy to identify and others very difficult. Second, the participant names the emotion and writes it down. Then the participants are led through a warm-up. Afterward, each participant starts at one of 10 stations that has a physical activity where the participant will either BANG * SMASH * POUND * STOMP * HIT or THROW an object, in a safe manner, under the supervision of the class instructor. Participants spend a short period of time at each station followed by a one minute rest and then proceed to the next station. Throughout the class participants will be encouraged to tap into the energy of their identified emotion using the energy from that emotion to power themselves through the class, safely, at their own pace.

Even though this class is a safe space for these powerful emotions, this class is not about who can get the angriest or the loudest. It’s about you being aware of the toxic emotions you are holding in your body, accessing the raw power of that emotion, and using it to move your body, then letting it go.

At the end of the class, the instructor will take the participants through a re-centering process that will help each participant to enter back into their world with full ownership of their choices, actions and a higher awareness of the many options available to them.

Only when we accept and embrace stress, frustration or anger as an important part of our inner life force and use its powerful energy in an intentionally responsible way can we access our own wisdom, humor, and compassion.  Hope to see you in the next class.


Days & Times: Tuesdays and Fridays – 12 pm

Fee: 1st class is FREE

Reserve your spot: yourhappybodywellness@gmail.com

Location: The Space / 5307 S. Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago