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Choices – Empowerment – Abundance

If you want more in your life then let’s partner in your life.

We are all capable of tapping into a universal force called the Law Of Attraction. Creation is always happening and your life is a physical manifestation of your thoughts, actions and also our  inaction’s.

The question you need to ask yourself  is “Are you making conscious choices and taking intentional actions to attract the life you what?” OR,  Are you a victim of life happening to you?”

As your Abundance Coach we will identify what areas of your life you are loving and what areas you are ready for something different, something more.  We will identify what is getting in the way of your goals and ambitions. We will create and implement structures, strategies and accountability to move you closer to what you deserve and fundamentally change your life.

Areas of your life where you may be yearning for a change:



Being an unwanted child from inception, bounced around among many caregivers until the age of 7 years old and then winding up in a Chicago orphanage until the age of 13 years old left many scars. As I got older I realized many blessings. With the help of many of caring and loving people, I know and some I’ll never know, I’ve been able to identify and heal those scars but those scars have left me with many shadows.  These shadows use to control my behaviors and ultimately the direction of my life. According to Adoption.com the suicide rate of adoptees is four times greater than non-adoptees.  By the grace of God I narrowly escaped that fate. My life journey has had many numerouse painful and trying challenges. My “shadows”  likes to encourage me to run away and be the victim. It is so easy for me to slip into that way of being.  As a child I had to exist with survival mentality. As a young adult I was unknowingly attracting survival situations and shaping my life through that lens.  Survival does have it benefits like more opportunities to change what isn’t working. I never forget my adoptive mother’s candid and jarring remark to me after I had, again, done something stupid. ” Bill, you have a way of getting hip deep in shit and come out smelling like a rose.” That is when I realized that I was resourceful, smart, focused, driven, and had the courage to change outcomes and myself when I really had to. That is when I realized that I needed to shift from surviving to thriving. But how? I realized I was the captain of my sailboat but I was never taught how to sail. I wasn’t taught how to pick a destination. I had to learn how to use feel the wind and use the wind my advantage. I believed I was a victim of the wind.  I had to learn to keep my hands on the rudder, sometimes intentionally forceful and other times gently. I had a lot to learn about how to attract the life I wanted to live while living the life I had created. I need to rebuild my life boat one piece at a time. I needed help, guidance and support.

Fast forward to the present. I am blessed to be married to an amazing woman who is my friend, my support and mother of my two amazing children. We own a childcare company and I run a health and wellness consulting business with the mission to empower others so they may experience a fulfilled life.

My future holds the same life challenges that come with the human condition like ageing, health, loss of loved ones just to mention a few.  My shadows of abandonment and self worth will always be with me but now I can recognize them, put them in front of me instead of them operating from behind me and driving my boat of life.

I don’t have your life answers but if you have the courage to dig below the surface I guarantee you will find your life changing answers.  As your Abundance Coach I will support and inspire you while you work towards attracting the outcomes you desire and the life experience you deserve. If you have the courage to let me onto your boat of life you will……..?