B-A-S-I-C Exercise Class

Balance – Agility – Strength – Interval – Conditioning


Regardless of age or ability we all need BASIC, essential, physical function.  Life is much more enjoyable and fulfilling when we are mobile, agile and feeling good.   As we age these basic physical functions become even more important to regularly work on in order to retain them at a high functional level.

  • Proactive Approach is the core objective of the BASIC exercise class routines. BASIC exercise classes are designed to be a fun, challenging and proactive. These 35 minute routines target hips, back strength, flexibility, core control and core strength. Legs and upper body strength along with whole body balance, agility and brain agility is also included into the BASIC class routines.
  • Consistency is the key ingredient to maintaining or regaining optimal physical function.  Unforeseen life events like injuries, physical discomforts, travel or medical procedures happen to all of us. The BASIC exercise classes is place to get your body back on track in a caring, knowledgeable, supportive and safe environment so you can experience life on your terms.
  • Knowledge As a 28 year certified personal trainer working with the 50 plus population and a member of the American Fitness Senior Association I have the experience, knowledge and a passion to lead, inspire and educate this vibrant group to continue to contribute their very best.
  • Class Cost: Call or email for individual and 10 class pass fees                                      
    • Classes in Wilmette – 1215 Washington Ave. # 207                        Mondays, Wednesdays, 11 – 11:45, Wednesdays, 7 am & 4:15 pm
    • Classes in Hyde Park – 5307 S. Hyde Park Blvd.                             Tuesdays & Fridays, 11 – 11:45 “The Space” Fitness Gym
      yourhappybodywellness@gmail.com   / 312-493-9766