Happy Body by Bill podcast – CORE & More -Living a pain free life through a healthier core

I am very excited about my first podcast.

Core & MoreLiving a pain free life through a healthier core. 

Review it often for there is 35 years of health & personal training experience throughout the podcast. 

I present this topic from the perspective of how to maximizing functionality and mobility while eliminating or managing back, and hip pain well past 90 years old. 

Try my CORE & MORE – 30 day challenge.

For 30 days, alternate between my Core Flexibility routine & Core Strength routine. Links are below. 

Core Flexibility – https://youtu.be/iZJRrtZrLUA

Core Strength – https://youtu.be/SFTV8KQLJMg

Mark on your calendar your challenge start date and your challenge end date.

And let me know for support, guidance or accountability. 

Share your experiences here through out the challenge. 

DISCLAIMER – Information in this podcast is NOT medical advice. Move within your comfort. Stop if there is pain. Consult your doctor if pain worsens. 

Production disclaimer – There is a learning curve in various aspects of production value. I will get better at over time. Try to focus on the value of the information and what new insights or inspirations you leave with.

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