Work the kinks out.


20170627_151030I’ve noticed that every time my Wheaton Terrier, Buddy on the left, gets up from lying down he goes through two stretches. The first stretch he leans his body weight onto his front legs to stretches his back legs and toes then he shift his weight towards his back legs and stretches his lower back, chest and front legs and toes. It’s so cute when he stretches out his little toes. I marvel at their instinctive need to loosen up before throwing their bodies into activity.  As humans we like to think we are smarter then dogs but when it comes to working the kinks out after being sedentary for longer then 30 minutes humans act pretty dumb.

I know that when I’ve been sitting at my computer for longer then 30 minutes or just sitting in general, and I go to stand up from my chair my muscles feel stiff, tight or even ache. Sometime I feel like I’ve just instantly ages 15-20 years in that moment. So why don’t humans take one or two minutes to loosen up. Is it because think we will look silly or stupid? Is it because if we acknowledge we feel stiff that people will think were are old or even worse, we will think of ourselves as old?


I saw a quote that read” 100% of people who exercise die.” That pretty much sums it up. The question is how do you want to feel while your living? I say take a page out of the dogs operating manual and do a couple minutes of stretching after you have been sedentary for longer than 30 minutes. You may think you look a little silly at the bus stop, next to your office cubical, in the grocery store or in the park but so what. Put your ego aside for two minutes and work the kinks out. You’ll have more bounce in your step, you’ll be energized and feel younger. Give it a try.  Here is 2 minute routine I put together a couple of months ago.

BE Well and Enjoy!


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